OCT 12-13 2019
Mumbai, India
Reliance JIO Garden



Necessity is the Mother of Curation

The last few years have seen India’s youth welcome the proliferation of electronic music with open arms. With the scales tipping in favour of DJs for reasons of viability – as well as a marked change in audience tastes – live performances and indie bands invariably took the backseat. In their wake rose grimy, dimly-lit dance floors crammed with burgeoning crowds, hungry for a taste of new sounds. However, for many of us, there was a palpable downside to this shift that we couldn’t resign ourselves to accept as “the new normal”.

Enter Neon East Festival: an idea that found its roots in our streaming playlists. The end result is a stellar lineup of today’s most relevant live acts and DJs, performing side-by-side on alternating stages to form a synchronous tag team. Nestled in the heart of bustling Mumbai, featuring an immersive, retro-futuristic backdrop, one can be assured a global-caliber festival experience, right here, in their own city. 

For its future editions, Neon East will continue to drive the current of international artists who view India as a ripe and viable stage, as well as persistently reimagine what a festival can offer its audience.

Everyone’s Invited

Like the global conversation around music festival line-ups centres towards diversity and equality, Neon East Fest strives to be the first Indian music festival with a gender-equal line-up.

Not only do we deem it important to offer equal opportunity to everyone, but it is also our aim to create a safe space for our attendees through a protocol that combats harassment. For this reason, we’ve partnered with our sisters at Coven Code (India’s first femme collective promoting art, music, non-binary culture and freedom), to assist us with dance floor surveillance for the entire duration of the festival. 

We hope to create a community that is safe, inclusive and thriving with diversity; through a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment as well as discrimination of any kind.

Keep it Green 

Neon East respects the environment and is committed to minimizing its footprint as much as possible. We will be implementing environmentally-sustainable measures such as:

  • Minimizing single-use plastics
  • Adopting the use of reusable cups
  • Avoiding the use of flex boards or banners (polyvinyl chloride or PVC)
  • All décor will be repurposed for future editions of the festival

Additionally, we’ve partnered with the great folks at Skrap, who’ll be helping us carry out end-to-end waste management, segregation and sustainable disposal. This includes gathering all excess food for donation and disseminating it; either to local staff or to other organizations. 

Skrap ensures compliance with the government’s Solid Waste Management Rules (SWM) 2016, and also provides income generation opportunities and dignified labour to waste pickers.

A Catalyst for Change

For far too long, there has been an implicit perception of India as offering a lack of opportunity to those within the fields of art and music, and a dearth of fertile soil upon which promising homegrown up and coming talent may thrive. It is our sincere endeavor to change that perception for good. 

We want Neon East to disrupt this stagnancy and serve as a rallying cry to young, independent producers and musicians across India, that the time to create and to push new ideas and concepts is now. Alongside our partners at boxout.fm we hope to grow the existing group of musicians, artists and like-minded thinkers, in order to encourage a self-sustaining community that pushes radical creativity and cultivates a correspondingly deep appreciation of the same.